How We Raise Our Puppies

To successfully raise and evaluate our puppies we have studied numerous hours, attended many classes and programs. We have been mentored by other accomplished breeders and continue to further our education and create relationships with top breeders in the industry.

Early Neurological Stimulation

These exercises are performed days 3-16 for improved cardiovascular performance, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. The exercises that are performed are tactical stimulation, head held erect, head pointed down, supine position and thermal stimulation.

Early Scent Introduction

ESI is used to increase nose awareness and confidence. Puppies are exposed to a new scent each day during days 3-16. We use scents that are found in the environment and are sure we do not use scents to entice the taste buds, we want the nose to be activated. Their reactions are then charted as positive neutral, or negative.

Handling Exercises

The handling exercises are as follows, rub ears, cover eyes, open mouth and run fingers on gums, rub belly in circular motions, run hand down back, run hand and fingers along tail, touch all paws, tap nails, run fingers around neck and under collar and touch their nose. This is done to puppies from Week 3 and beyond. This helps puppies prepare for all the handling they will encounter from the vet, groomer, owners, kids and much more.

Empowering Puppies Through Curriculum

We believe in empowering our puppies and not enabling them. As we set up developmental curriculum each day and week, we focus on luring with our voice and hands. We give puppies the opportunity to problem solve, complete challenges, build confidence, tolerate handling, and work in a variety of space, noise, and situations. This curriculum helps shape our puppies to be confident, compliant, brave and trust in humans.

Potty Training and Basic Commands

We begin potty training our puppies around 2.5 weeks old by creating and introducing a potty area in the puppy pen. Puppies have a natural tendency of moving away from their sleeping area to use the bathroom. By beginning this habit while young, we hope to make it easier for you. We also introduce basic commands such as tone, praise, sit, come, and stay.

Black and white Sheepadoodle puppy looking in to the camera.